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Signup Secure v1.3 by Oyabun

Author oyabun/Jimako
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With this Plugin you defend you website from spam bots which join your site automaticly and post dozens of links to other sites.

The plugin generates a liddle calculation which has to be figured out by the user. It is a powerfull defender!!!

Full credit for this plugin belongs to Oyabun, but sites and don't work anymore.

Version 1.3:

  1. Updated to be compatible with version 2
  2. added plugin.xml
  3. updated redirect
  4. checked not hardcoded 'signup.php' but value e_SIGNUP
  5. Warning: This will work until core signup template is not changed

Version 1.2:

Deleted senceless file and fixed language issues.

Version 1.1:
Pages, which using COPPA within registration are supported now 100 percently. Thanks a thousand times to C6Dave for the auxiliary evidence!

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Date Thursday 28 June 2018 - 13:43:55
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