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  • - every game displays on its profile news, articles, reviews, guides, pictures related to it

    1. what is different between news and articles?

    2. what type of reviews do you want:

    - rate of game (one rating 1-5 stars) - inbuild in e107
    - comments- inbuild in e107
    - rating of separate parameters

    This could be special display of comments: (image and title from game, not easy, but there is not rating)

    This is example of e107 rating system:


    This is rating of separate parameters: For this you will need special solution


    3. quides - what is it?
    On that theme this is separate article. One or multiple to game. Author is the same as game author?

    4. pictures
    - number is limited or not
    - is gallery for game or just next images (like news)


  • 1. news is just strickly news, articles can be divided into seperate categories like opinions, features (with special themes for every article etc) and so on so on

    2. reviews should be full written reviews where the author can rate the game using seperate parameters, also users should be able to rate the game from one to ten

    3. guides are almost like articles, but something with what users can come up e.g Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped all coloured gems guide, etc

    4. now that I have to think about

  • @elektron
    it's too big and too complicated. I hope you got answer from L. because this is at least month work. In my opinion, you (or your developer) can:

    - develop everything (game plugin, review plugin etc) special for you // this was my first idea because everything looked too custom

    - use book/chapter/page system inbuild in e107
    Problem: missing frontent posting, missing author's system (I call it - it's one man show - user get admin access and then have access to everything, to other user's pages)

    - use old content plugin
    Problem: it's old. I use it on my own risk.

    Ad 1+3:
    user can post only with Submit news.
    So you can use News module with categories:
    News (actual news)

    Then you need "connect" game with news (4x) and special solution for display on game profile page (better idea: "connect" news with game, it can be done with e_admin).
    On other side - all those news will be (can be) displayed under News section like separate articles. Correct?


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  • Jimako
    Jimako  2 weeks ago

    If you use any my theme: with version 2.2.0 there are core changes - comments and social icons - if you find problem, just tell me.

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    @wrxxy I am ill, sorry cant log in gitter from mobile. Try ask at main room, nothing except update was changed.

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    @wrxxy I got notification from gitter but I am off until Monday. I am not able to log in gitter. Answer is add it to existing gitjub issue.

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    I will be on holiday until end of November. So no answers from me until then.

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    After 2 days I was able to create demo of BS Magazine 01 theme: