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  • It's good idea to put your site in your signature.  It's quicker to check if something is wrong and shortcut to user site. But signature is displayed only for registered users. Is this somewhere in preferencies? 

    What about to add user extended field your website and let it public? How to get it to forum template?


  • Preferences related to signature:

    Main Preferencies / Signup Page Options/
    Signature: - hide/display/displayed
    (displaying signature field during signup process)

    Signature may be modified by
    (editing signature field with editing profile)

    used in forum shortcodes, not able to set. It should be some forum preference.

    CONSTANTS (Variables) related to signature:

    USERSIGNATURE - signature of actual logged in user

    Shortcodes related to signature:




    {SIGNATURE_HELP} - always empty

    visible always only for users.

    Signature editing (shortcodes):

    bbarea('signature', '', 'signature','helpb', 'tiny')

    bbarea('signature', $this->var['user_signature'], '', '', 'small')

    Signature displaying (shortcodes)

    user profile:
    toHTML($this->var['user_signature'], TRUE)

    news author:
    toHtml($user['user_signature'], true, 'DESCRIPTION')

    forum post:
    toHTML($this->postInfo['user_signature'], true)


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    After 2 days I was able to create demo of BS Magazine 01 theme:

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