• If you need to install e107 without prefix or with different prefixs, you can do it after installation in e107_config.php or before installation.  If you prefer later option, you need:


    - rewrite folder's names

    - open install.php and change 2 lines (look for e107_handlers and e107_admin) 

    $HANDLERS_DIRECTORY  = "e107_handlers/"; // needed for e107 class init

    - open e107_class.php in you new handlers folder, find public function defaultDirs()  and change directory names there

    Run installation process.

    If your installation screen looks bad, it means you forgot to change something. (blank page - e107_handler, bad look - e107_themes folder etc)


    After installation open .htaccess file and change e107_images and e107_files.  Of course delete install.php.

    Next core update is not problem, because after installation e107 works with configuration in e107_config.php.


  • Just note. If you want to change folder name after installation, you need to add this to e107_config.php:

    $CORE_DIRECTORY = 'core/';
    $WEB_DIRECTORY = 'web/';

    And of course, changing .htaccess and then to get new hash folders in media and system folder (resave prefs and clear cache).


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