Working on

The plugin for the client to be able by simple admin (not main admin) change anything related to branding.  Without access to site or theme preferences.

Released projects

New version released. Available for download in Download secton.

Fixed version by Father Barry for e107 Boostrap 2.2.0 

Available on Github

Updated old Content plugin. It's used on this site as Knowledge base.

For friends available for testing in private repository.  Just ask.  

Fixed old Gold System plugin by Father Barry for e107 Boostrap 2.0.0 and php 7.0. It's used on intranet site.  Gold Assets updated but then replaced by custom plugin. 

For friends available for testing in private repository.  Just ask.  

Latest Posts

Released projects Januar - March 2019

Short recapitulation to clean homepage

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OpenMind theme Demo available

Demo available.

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Working on updating all my sites

Updated list of my active sites

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Relive e107 blog boostrap theme

New theme for e107

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Video about creating e107 theme

How I do e107 theme

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Freelancer theme 2.0.4

Latest version for bootstrap 3 fixed for version 2.1.9 and posted on

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New site and theme

Or what I am working on

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JM Canonical plugin

Extended functionality of canonical plugin for e107

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Next site updated for new version

This site uses modified theme by Fizi - gameplus2

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Mentions plugin by Arun S. Sekher

MUST TO BE plugin for community site

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Industrial theme now available for download

Industrial theme was theme done somewhere in 05/2017.

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Demo site of our themes is now available

For this site is used Cayman theme.

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