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6. Solid - layout (rest)

Don't forget - it was written in 2014

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Let's finish layouts for other pages. Very lightly, only basic layout, we will add more parts where we will create content of these pages. There are:
  • index.html - e107 frontpage, done for now
  • blog.html, single-post.html - e107 news
  • contact.html - e107 contact page
  • portfolio.html - e107 gallery plugin
  • about.html - e107 page
  • single-project.html - new Book/Chapter system or page with new template
  • News (Blog pages)

    Look at the notes: e107 tutotial layout news Note: I don't know now if it's possible to get breadcrumbs in that position, but it is really nice place for breadcrumbs. Or maybe title will be enough. But it's more than likely that I will need to move this section into news template. See later. You need to look at source file and see what is important now and what is not. e107 tutotial layout blog [code] $LAYOUT['solid_blog'] = '
    '; [/sourcecode] Do the same for other pages. [code language="php"] $LAYOUT['solid_contact'] ='
    '; [/sourcecode] [code language="php"] $LAYOUT['solid_portolio'] = '
    '; [/sourcecode] [code language="php"] $LAYOUT['solid_about'] = ' '; [/sourcecode]