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7. Solid - content (welcome message)

Don't forget - it was written in 2014

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Important part: e107 frontpage (AN: I have News Feeds there because I tested News Feed plugin with e_frontpage.php file) Note: If your default layout has sidebar (news has sidebar) and your frontpage has full width layout, your news.php as frontpage will have full with layout too (you need delete Frontpage from theme manager) You can: 1. set Welcome message as Frontpage and use that it is apperead at {---} e107 frontpage 2. use shortcode and let {---} be anything you want (Welcome message too, it's not appeared twice) e107 frontpage Open your welcome message and insert code from solid theme there. You need to insert picture manually (via tinymce - url or media manager) e107 frontpage If you copy all paragraph (not line by line), you need manually delete br tags (e107_parser insert them instead of \n) e107 frontpage Result: e107 frontpage There is still caption and picture has different size. The caption: We can use style none, but there is this in tablestyle, so use it:
if($id == 'wm') // Example - If rendered from 'welcome message' 
		echo $text;
Picture size Media manager always set image size to 400px, when you inserted it, change it (or manually via source code) e107 frontpage Result: e107 frontpage Note: Related github issue: (for tracking it) Prepared data for future reinstall theme:
<dbTable name="generic">
            <field name="gen_id">1</field>
            <field name="gen_type">wmessage</field>
            <field name="gen_datestamp">1145848343</field>
            <field name="gen_user_id">1</field>
            <field name="gen_ip">Hello World!</field>
            <field name="gen_intdata">0</field>
	    <field name="gen_chardata"><![CDATA[ editor doesn't want to display them