NightVision 2 theme for e107

 Jimako    12 Jun 2018 : 18:45


New ported HTML template for version 2 with bootstrap support

There is available no-responsive theme for old version but update looked more time consuming. 

This is new porting, added bootstrap support etc. 


This is lite version, so only basic e107 features are supported. If you need more, create topic on related subforum.

I can now extend this theme if there is interest




This theme can be downloaded from Theme manager too, but new updated will be available just on this site.

Khatru2 theme now available as demo

 Jimako    09 Jun 2018 : 22:23


Updated old 0.7 theme for version 2. Added responsivity (bootstrap support)

This theme I made for somebody who disappered somewhere.  So I just moved it to my new demo site.  

I will add this theme for download. It's not perfect but I don't know if anybody uses it.  It was about save old look with new functionality.



Testing GDPR Cookie plugin

 Jimako    04 Apr 2018 : 13:06
 None    Plugins


Based on GDPR rules, opt-in and opt-out option

This solution is based on, but because I am not familiar with javascript, I used php to remove cookies. 

On this site is used opt-out version. So if you decline cookies, with each page refresh all cookies will be deleted before saving (so login and registration will not work) 

The cookie banner is displayed only for guests, any registered (logged in) user of any CMS should be clever enough to know that without technical cookies any CMS can't work. 

Testing Gold System plugin

 Jimako    23 Mar 2018 : 14:33
 None    Plugins


On this site Gold System Plugin is tested

Just be aware that this is just testing.  My local enviroment is PHP 5.6 and this one use PHP 7.0.  No money are needed for golds.  

I am trying to learn more from the best plugin author I know (or I best understand it's code)  and to get his code to work under new version. 

I never used this plugin with 0.7 version and I really don't know from where I have source code -  I just found it while cleaning my old 1.0.4 repository.

Welcome new year 2018!

 Jimako    01 Jan 2018 : 18:13


My theme for year 2018 - AppStrap Bootstrap 4 by

It's here. The extended licence for some html theme, that is full  with possibilities and its javascript API is written the way I've never seen before. No conflicts, no need to test what plugin is used on what layout etc. 

Now only limit is e107 itself.  This is bootstrap 4 theme, so there will be some workaround , but the lack of new plugins can be limited too. 

I don't know if I do paid themes or if I change this site to some membership club.  But I know that I will focus on this template and plugins to be able to fully using its possibilities.  

Agency theme in version with bootstrap 4

 Jimako    21 Dec 2017 : 13:08


New theme with bootstrap 4 support

It was just test if e107 can live with bootstrap 4 frontent theme.  Older Agency theme is still available.  This new theme has name AgencyBootstrap4. 

Theme demo is for now available on

Download is possible: