Welcome new year 2018!


It's here. The extended licence for some html theme, that is full  with possibilities and its javascript API is written the way I've never seen before. No conflicts, no need to test what plugin is used on what layout etc. 

Now only limit is e107 itself.  This is bootstrap 4 theme, so there will be some workaround , but the lack of new plugins can be limited too. 

I don't know if I do paid themes or if I change this site to some membership club.  But I know that I will focus on this template and plugins to be able to fully using its possibilities.  

Khatru2 theme on hiatus


Khatru theme was put on hiatus.  It was made for somebody who didn't care at all. 

There is problem in core too with forum templating  (issue) so for now...  

No problem to share code, but it's not finished. I just love old themes look and to get them working with boostrap is always challenge.  But I can't do everything just by myself.