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Welcome to
 Jimako    28 Mar 2016 : 00:36
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This is first post on this site in version 2

Ok, version 2.1 is out and it was time to move to version 2 on this site too. But where to find some time? Because I will need to test alt auth plugin on my demo site, I decided just install new version and I will see what to next do. At first I want to create new theme. And I will do it on this site, so my progress will be visible as soon as it's done. 

Next, I manage Links_page plugin and Userlang_menu plugin. It's old plugins from version 1, but they work under version 2.  And I am willing to help with content and calender plugins. 

Next, I am working on simple YTB gallery plugin...  

Next, I am porting BOWL template for version 2 for my client, but they will need just part of it. It's excellent example how non bootstrap theme can work with CMS based on bootstrap. 

Next, I am working on Slovak translation, almost done. 

Actual look of this site was made in less than 2 hours. I will continue when I find some time.

Happy Easter to all.