Demo site of our themes is now available

Demo site of our themes is now available
 Jimako    13 Jun 2018 : 10:06
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Cayman theme is one of my not finished full e107 theme.  It's ported very nice HTML template made by wowthemes. 


HTML Description

I had planned to make paid e107 theme with this template  because I have extended licence for any personal and commercial use. But I hadn't time to do it. Or better the reason for it? There is problem with multipurpose HTML templates - they have too much functionality. For example, if I wanted to use styling testimonials, I needed to have very good testimonial plugin (easy templated and with a lot of settings). 

I decided now to use it on my demo site, but I did it very quickly way. It's one page site so it was easy.  

But this theme is unigue, I really like how it's coded, very simple and very clean. And I found that the way how I was doing JM Canonical plugin - with discussion and asking for new features from somebody - it was something what helped me to finish things. 

So I created Forum topic for Cayman theme. If there is any interest, I will take Starter theme and I will start from the beginning. Or I use version I have already for my demo...  Depends on demands. Try to image that you have access to html template (or you bought it to support authors) . What do you want to know to create e107 theme of it?  Would you need more homepage layouts? Possibility to select footers? Just write your ideas on forum.