Gaia Pro Theme is under development. Demo of 2.1.0 is available.

Gaia Pro Theme is under development. Demo of 2.1.0 is available.

 Jimako    23 Dec 2018 : 00:53
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What is Gaia?

What is Gaia?

Gaia Pro is originally HTML template by Creative Tim. Our company has developer licence to it. You can find more information on template profile page: It's based on bootstrap 3. Gaia for e107 CMS is ported version of this template for e107 Content Management system. Demo is now available here: You can see development progress here:

How to get access to this theme?

During the development you can donate or buy Premium access to support the development of this theme. This way you get access to private repository for one year. Not only to theme, but to all plugins this theme uses or it will use. Because there are other themes waiting for porting, I am trying to build those plugins in the way they are reusable for other themes too. This option ends after finishing theme (official release). If Total Premium accesses surpass 200€ threshold , all Premium development supporters will get not limited access to repository.

How to pay to get Premium access?

If you are EU citizen, I would prefer payment to IBAN account, just ask me, otherwise there are paypal charges. Or if you are my friend, you can use paypal friend option without those charges.  You can make donation with button at the footer or you can ask for invoice. It's your decision. The Price for Premium Access is now 10 €/year.

What is new?

This theme will have 2 new plugins. Theme Options and theme elements. After so long time I had spent trying to figure what is the best approach to port new modern themes, I think I have it.  I am proud of new shortcode what displays menus from default layout on others layouts too. So it's end to copying footer menus on each layout. 

I just managed to do it. One universal solution for any theme! It uses power of e107 and a lot of its hidden gems, but it works with array too, because arrays are understable for non experienced users/developers like me.  

I hope I will have full demo available at the start of January. And I need to solve vstore plugin too...  So I am really busy and more 6 themes are waiting...  

Merry Christmas to all!

Edit: 29.12.2018

Gaia 2.1.0 is prepared for testing.

More info: