Latest Changes

First release of special plugin for managing layouts and menus.

New version inspired by theme on this site. Ported HTML OpenMind theme for e107.  It uses new plugins for building content - JM Theme and JM Elements.

Custom theme means that we have only multisite licence, so we can't share this theme as it is, we just can use for our client / friend. 

This theme is not for free using.

This plugin is fixed versions of the abbandoned plugin e107 Clan Plugins by Untergang ( for e107 version 2.2.

More info in download section. 

You can download this plugin from our github repository with old plugins.

Fixed to run correctly under version 2.

Not updated.  New admin would be easier. 

Posted only on Github.

Advanced BBcodes plugin fixed (not updated) for version 2. All bbcodes work, but some of them are outdated. 

But no php error now. 

Posted in old plugin repository . Members can download it directly from this site.

  • Fixed Latest Changes problem (related to changes in forum tables)
  • Partially fixed displayed list of latest forum post (List new plugin has this wrong too)
  • Posted Fix for Marked threads to core

Finished stable 2.2.0 version.  You can see demo here. If you have some interest to buy it, contact me. I need to know if you are EU resident, company... if you use paypal etc. From 1.1.2019 there are changes in EU VAT policy and if you are my friend, you can save me paypal fee too. So contact me. There is premium access available too.  It's not in my power to debug vstore plugin and easystore plugin is just too old.  It needs time that I haven't. So just ask. 

  • this plugin is replaced by menu in new Theme plugin
  • removed from download and Github
  • removed from forum
  • hopefully replaced all using by new menu (shortcode menu)
  • Plugin for embeding Github repos on your site
  • Deleted, content of dispayed repository was already moved to Knowledge Base
  • plugin from 2017 for managing content section
  • deleted from github and YTB
  • deleted from this site too

17.01.2018 Version 2.2.1

  • fixed repeated items
  • moved options to table

05.01.2018 Version 2.1.0

  • added support for inverse order of repeated items
  • added support for empty items (not all items have to be filled)
  • used on  
  • first limitation - what you insert is what you display - no date conversion, no dropdown with different key and value etc...   because there is no configuration during parsing. If you need this, use inbuilt custom fields.

04.01.2018 Version 2.0.0

Latest Posts

Gaia Pro Theme is under development. Demo of 2.1.0 is available.

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Relive e107 blog boostrap theme

New theme for e107

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Video about creating e107 theme

How I do e107 theme

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Freelancer theme 2.0.4

Latest version for bootstrap 3 fixed for version 2.1.9 and posted on

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New site and theme

Or what I am working on

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JM Canonical plugin

Extended functionality of canonical plugin for e107

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Next site updated for new version

This site uses modified theme by Fizi - gameplus2

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Mentions plugin by Arun S. Sekher

MUST TO BE plugin for community site

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Industrial theme now available for download

Industrial theme was theme done somewhere in 05/2017.

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Demo site of our themes is now available

For this site is used Cayman theme.

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NightVision 2 theme for e107

New ported HTML template for version 2 with bootstrap support

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