Creative Writer plugin customized for version 2


I am playing now with updating one of the old plugin by Father Barry. This plugin is not listed between active plugins for version 0.7.

I needed at first to understand how this works.  It's not easy to get how somebody else code works. 

Now this is moved to testing part and for me it was good school how to do some things. 

You can use it on your own risk, it probably never be fully finished because in this state it is enough for my personal using. 

Khatru2 theme on hiatus


Khatru theme was put on hiatus.  It was made for somebody who didn't care at all. 

There is problem in core too with forum templating  (issue) so for now...  

No problem to share code, but it's not finished. I just love old themes look and to get them working with boostrap is always challenge.  But I can't do everything just by myself.