Jimako on 4 weeks ago
I will be on holiday until end of November. So no answers from me until then.
Jimako on 1 month ago
After 2 days I was able to create demo of BS Magazine 01 theme:
Jimako on 1 month ago
My antivirus software blocked and disabled gitter.
Jimako on 1 month ago
Again, I had to set tinymce off. It strips custom bbcodes.
Jimako on 1 month ago
Sorry, I set login off by mistake, it should be fixed now.
Jimako on 2 months ago
I just notice on contact form GDPR agreement. Funny thing is that site doesn't store any submitted information.
Jimako on 3 months ago
I tried to update forum templates (remove custom things) but hit next issue. So unfinished again,
Jimako on 3 months ago
Updated Recaptcha plugin 1.2.1 posted on e107.org
Jimako on 4 months ago
Switched to bbcodes in forum. Now you can have it separate from rest of site. (I think that it's there longer time, just nobody told me this)
Jimako on 5 months ago
removed facebook comments support (both ways were available, removed workaround to do this)
Jimako on 6 months ago
@Evgura you can test it now, it's in download section.
Jimako on 6 months ago
@outlaw16151 your question answered here: https://www.e107.sk/forum/core/37/
outlaw16151 on 6 months ago
this is all Genious
Jimako on 6 months ago
I am working on KroozeArcade plugin - updating for php7. So many good plugins are lost because php7 and changes in CMS world. The motto on one site for I am doing this is - "Bringing Back The Classics." I can't agree more.
Jimako on 6 months ago
My admin area for forum is empty. No forums are visible. Great. Really high time to manage my own repository
Jimako on 7 months ago
@jxxaxxy Do you have it somewhere online? I know about one man on IIS server with this problem. Check console at first .
jxxaxxy on 7 months ago
I installed the lastest e107 2.1.7. I then setup your reCAPTCHA plugin. I setup the google keys and the check mark works or pictures that show up. However when I click register. It gives me a Incorrect Code entered. \n. It looks like it is still trying to use the old image text that the reCAPTCHA is supposed to replace. Any help on this would be great. I tried this on a the default e107 theme.
Jimako on 8 months ago
Testing Gold system